With offices in Glasgow and Jersey, Acron Asbestos Limited are one-stop asbestos management specialists, providing tailored solutions to highly legislated asbestos compliance issues.

Asbestos is classified as a Class 1 Carcinogen and Acron treat every job with the same respect and dedication you would expect of a company that deals with such a highly dangerous product. Even today, asbestos is still the biggest killer in the workplace. Through best practice, education, training and awareness, Acron hope to make the UK a safer place to work in. With experience covering many industry sectors, you can be assured that our consultants will be well placed to provide you with cost effective options for the management or removal of your asbestos containing materials.

Our staff have qualifications and experience that span all the different specialities in asbestos and keep up to date with the ever changing legislation, therefore you can be assured that the advice you receive is the correct advice!

If you would like to speak with us regarding any subject on asbestos or require our services, please give us a call or leave us a message on the ‘contact us’ page of our website. If you would like to read more about our services just click on the relevant tab.